Yoshihiro Tokonami Official Site Open!


 My name is Yoshihiro Tokonami.

 Thanks to everyone, I was able to graduate from the Osaka University of the Arts department of performance! !

 On Sunday, June 25, 2017, it was decided to appear in the "Higashi Osaka City Newcomer Concert" by university recommendation!

 Well, this time, the official website was opened!

 I would like to challenge not only music but also various things. One of them is trying to do things about personal computers, I also wanted to know about the current web, I also made this site for testing. Ultimately, I will try my best to write a web.

 I am thinking that we would like to disseminate various information from the official website here.

 Thank you in the future!

 Yoshihiro Tokonami

(Japanese - https://yoshitoko-music.amebaownd.com/posts/2345972)

(by Google Translate)  Thank you Google teacher!!

床次佳浩オフィシャルサイト~yoshi.toko_music's Ownd

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